Vets and Pets

Even our pets need a pharmacist! Gadsden City Pharmacy can help you care for your pets when they need medication.

From time to time, we all need the help of our local pharmacist. But did you know that your pets can benefit from the help of a pharmacist, too? Gadsden City Pharmacy is the place to go to get the help when your pets need it most.

Glenn and Melissa Leslie are certified to help your four-legged family members get well and stay well. Our pharmacists can treat dogs, cats, snakes, birds, and many more pet species. From antibiotics, to ear gel medications, to topical treatments, our pharmacists can help you with those hard-to-administer medications. Ask your veterinarian how Gadsden City Pharmacy can help you and your pet. For more information, call Gadsden City Pharmacy today.

“Our vet put my 12 year old, 9 pound mini schnauzer on a new medication for her heart. It was necessary to quarter the smallest milligram available, and due to the distribution of the drug within the tablet, she was not getting a consistent delivery of the medication needed to control her problem. Since we’ve had Gadsden City Pharmacy prescribe the correct dose for her needs we have avoided many unpleasant “spells” and worries about our fur baby’s health. Thank you, Gadsden City Pharmacy!”

– Kathy

“Everyone is so passionate and caring. Glenn and Melissa have gone above and beyond to make sure Boomer had the medicine he needed to get better, and we are so grateful for the level of care received for our family pet. We could never say thank you enough!”

– Sherry

“Gadsden City Pharmacy treats my family pet as their own. For the past several months, my cat has been taking phenobarbital to treat seizure disorders. The pharmacists have completely explained the process, and with each refill, asked how she is responding to the prescription. Because the medication breaks down over time, they are more than willing to expedite refills. It is a pleasure to support my hometown, locally-owned pharmacy!”

– Missy