Medication Therapy Management

What Is Medical Therapy Management (MTM)?

MTM is a service provided by a pharmacist for a patient. It is a comprehensive medication review of each prescription the patient is taking—including any over the counter product and vitamin. Along with this review, the pharmacist will ask the patient about disease status and how the medication prescribed is working or not working for them. The goal of MTM is to optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for patients.

Why Is MTM Needed?

It is estimated that 1.5 million preventable adverse events occur each year, and the adverse events result in $177 billion in injury and death. MTM is designed to identify and try to prevent these adverse events.

What Does This Mean to You as a Patient?

  • Most insurances pay for MTM services
  • Pharmacist will ask specific questions concerning your medications and health, such as:
    • Why are you taking these medications?
    • Are you experiencing any side effects?
    • When do you take medications?
    • How do you feel when taking your medications?

After reviewing your health status and treatment plan, the pharmacist will then make certain you are taking medications that are best for you and your health. They will make certain you are taking the correct strength of medication at the correct time of day. They will verify there are no interactions and verify that all over the counter medications, vitamins, and/or supplements are safe.

What Does This Mean to a Physician?

  • Pharmacist and physician work together as a team for the patient’s benefit
  • The pharmacist sends the physician a complete list of medications for the patient (something a physician may never see)
  • The physician can use this as a tool for the patient’s health care

In the next several years, patients will continue to see a shift for traditional healthcare to one of service-oriented healthcare. The unique position and accessibility of pharmacists provides excellent opportunities to improve medication adherence and medication use safety.