Why get your vaccines in a pharmacy?

– Pharmacists are the most accessible health care professional
– No appointment necessary
-Most vaccines are now covered under the drug portion of insurance.

What services are available?

– Flu
– Pneumonia
– Zostavax ( shingles)
– Any routine vaccination

Travel Vaccine Services

Last year we saw the need for travel vaccine clinics and all 3 pharmacists went thru a certification course. We now can provide any vaccine needed to travel (with the exception of yellow fever) also we can provide travel consultations for the area our patients are traveling to.

Reasons to get your travel vaccines from pharmacy:

– Most pharmacies have an established vaccine clinic already.
-You can feel comfortable getting your travel vaccines from the same people giving you your flu shots
– You come to the pharmacy already to get your travel prescriptions- motion sickness, malaria, travelers’ diarrhea, etc.
– We have the OTC products you need to travel – first aid, Tylenol, etc.
– We have the knowledge of other medications you are taking and watch for interactions
– Pharmacists are the most accessible health care professional.

We are here to education you as well as dispense medications for you

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